The term ‘wot’ is obviously the n00b/l33t spelling or interpretation of the word ‘what’. People who are either too lazy or too cool to use proper grammar are often seen shortening/hyphening words for their own easy convenience. Such a time would be during online play of games such as Half-Life 2, or World of WarCraft; the term itself, and the ‘language’, originated far before this, however.

Obviously, ‘wot’ is not the correct spelling of ‘what’, and is therefore seen most often as a mistake when printed in the English language. For apparent reasons, the word ‘wot’ is not pronounced, but merely read. However, if one were to pronounce ‘wot’, it would more or less sound like ‘watt’.
ur m0m: hahaha i just pwned u!!!

elohel: wot...WOT
by Lord Altan April 05, 2005
Top Definition
Wide Open Throttle.
He came out of the turn and went WOT.
by Tim C. June 24, 2003
Retards way of saying 'What'.
Guy: whats 2+3?
Retard: WOT?
by Wounded December 22, 2004
Abbreviation for Wide Open Throttle, meaning fast gear shifts, quick acceleration, and high gears.
I always go WOT on freeway ramps.
by Saviour September 06, 2005
abbreviation of Wall of Text

A piece of writing that does not use proper grammar and generally looks like a giant essay with 20 to 400 sentences without using paragraphs or any bit of spacing at all.

sometimes confused with WOT
Person A: i am good in english, i try my best in doing what i do what i think is best and that im pretty intelligent when it comes to doing this. to be honest its not that hard but i find it easier for me to just write it like this, and i hope it can be easy for people to read this too. i like writing about stuff. i like chicken. i like food. i like eating. eating is great. blah blah blah blah blah. i am awesome. i am cool. i believe im awesome and cool. isnt that awesome and cool?????

Person B: WoT
by Charwinger21 February 18, 2010
How to say what with a British accent.
Wot? You dun like muh teeth? Why jus coz they aint straight like yuhz?
by Jimmie Dean, bitch. August 10, 2005
1. A shortening of the word what.

2. Waste Of Time. Often used to describe a girlfriend/boyfriend that is a WOT

3. Wide Open Throttle.
1. Wot u on bout

2. Jessica? she's a WOT

3. I went WOT down da freeway
by fiftey January 13, 2006
Wide open throttle. Push your gas pedal to the floor or twist a grip fully too get W.O.T
Push the gas pedal down to the floor so you can get W.O.T.
by killioughtta February 25, 2006
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