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1. A shortening of the word what.

2. Waste Of Time. Often used to describe a girlfriend/boyfriend that is a WOT

3. Wide Open Throttle.
1. Wot u on bout

2. Jessica? she's a WOT

3. I went WOT down da freeway
by fiftey January 13, 2006
a hired killer/assassin/hitman
the iceman fired two shots to the head.
by fiftey March 24, 2006
A variation on the word "safe"
(also: "spafe")

Its not used in all contexts where "safe" would be. Its mainly used as the term "ok" would be.
mandem 1: what time peeps gettin to yours?
mandem 2: bout 8 bruv
mandem 1: splafe
by fiftey April 12, 2008

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