The thing the "Coalition of the willing" have totally failed, and have now officially stopped looking for in Iraq. Neocon scare tactics will probably cover this one up as well.
"Hey Rumsfeld! We can't find any weapons!"

"Bah humbug. .... Let's go bomb Syria! They have WMD!"
by concerned citizen January 12, 2005
A female with out of control enourmous breasts.
"Oh good lordy Papo. It don't take General Powell to find those WMD's on that girl. We should invade."
by Angel August 21, 2004
Weapon of Mass Destruction: something that brings ruin to humanity
George W. Bush is the biggest Weapon of Mass Destruction.
by nolipz the midnight marauder October 23, 2003
an acronym for Weapons of Mass Distraction. Refers to a female maintaining mammaries protruding from her thoracic cavity in the shape of rockets or missiles. Leaving all men in the vicinity stupified and all women burning green with envy.
Once Carli started working at the office her WMDs caused a major productivity decline.
by Geo X. & Ty Moy April 18, 2008
1. Weapons of Mass Deception
2. Bullshit
3. An excuse for a douche-bag to blow America's grand-children's future and fill a generation's worth of body-bags for his own ends (and probable profits).
W.M.D.s weren't Saddam Hussein's domain, it's what Dubya fed the American people to justify filling his and his crony's pockets.
by J Q Public August 03, 2007
1. WMD: Weapon of Mass Destruction - chemical, biological, or nuclear weapon capable of causing massive damage or massive casualties.

2. WMD: Weapon of Mass Deception - Bush administration information spin team

3. WMD: Words of Mass Deception - About anything and everything Mr. George W. Bush, Mr. Dick Cheney, Mr. Colin Powell (General, USA, retired) or 2. above have told the U.N., congress, and the American People about 1. above in Iraq.
Mr. Bush paraphrased: "Iraq has WMD. I don't need the approval of the U.N., congress, or the American people to attack Iraq and destroy the WMD." then later, "There really was no WMD, but the people of Iraq are better off."

Translation: The end justifies the means.

Resulting Bush Foreign Policy: Military might makes right.
by John June 27, 2004
Equivalent to OMP - Oil of Mass Production.
Bush: Iraq has oil of mass pro... i mean weapons of mass destruction.
by anton May 04, 2004
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