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A term of endearment affection and love.Commonly used to denote male to male affection.
Hey papo nice to see you, it's been so long.

Oh, I know Papo, how nice to see you again. That v-neck youre wearing really defnines your pecs.
by glitter papo January 13, 2009
Spanish word for the first born male. Augmentative version of the term "papito".
Hola papo,
by King Papo September 11, 2013
People Accepting People Openly.
What is a #papobeauty? One who respects the unique perspectives of others thats Papo, People Accepting People Openly. P.A.P.O.
by #Papoism October 20, 2015
Means vagina, pussy, etc... It's common in Venezuela and used in a vulgar language.
Tremendo papo!
by Katrma February 25, 2015
the MASTER of FPS games.
you're proffessional owner.
{CtF}Timmy- got killed by Papos
-Papos: This kill was sponsorized by the pope.
{CtF}Timmy-: fuck i got pwned
by Papos August 01, 2003
the first mate on Captain Voldemorts crew
Yarr when papo comes around pretend to be scrubbin the deck savy? arrr
by Maria June 07, 2004
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