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World History AP. A class full of stupid fucks, and you wonder why they are even in the class. The only thing you ever do is take notes and spin your pen around. It is among the first AP classes you take, and getting a five on the test is easy. Doing your notes everyday and getting an A is not.
Greg: Look, Megan and Taylor are in WHAP, they are such dumb bitches.
Jake: Man, no wonder people say passing the AP test is so hard.
by Ilikebread July 06, 2011
15 11
WHaPs(waffle house pussy) - When one drinks all night and eventually ends up at the local waffle house around 1:30-3:00 and leaves not only full but with some of the local sluts.
Me: Dude we totally got some whaps last night!

Friend- Damn, those chicks must of been pretty fucking slutty
by LankeyLee July 19, 2010
8 5
1. The Opposite of Fapping for Guys.
2. The Act of Patting yours or someone elses vagina vigourisly or with serious intensity in order to achieve an orgasm.
3. A form of Female Masturbation

Plural: Whapping
"Hey boyfriend! It's okay I caught you fapping, I'll Whap right with you! ...Unless you feel like fapping and whapping altogether..."
by BiGuy15 October 30, 2009
9 7
A hard ass class that will require you to stress over the smallest insignificant shit like not reading the last page of the chapter.

Also, includes some stuck up pieces of shits that act like they know everything and give you the dirtiest look for not remembering when a boat crossed the ocean. Fucking fucktrumpets.
"Dude, are you taking WHAP?"
"Yeah, Mr. Mansfield gave us a fuck ton of homework due on Friday cuz you know, we don't have any other homework for 7 different classes."
by ratchetgirl1011 January 20, 2014
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Fuck or screw
"He whapped her in the choc-box"
Straight out of Trainspotting...
by go_1234 July 10, 2008
12 13
to whap is a word originally coined be awesome people it originates in Scotland. it means to quickly take something from an enclosed space. it is a popular description of the noise male genitals make when being "whapped out"
I.e. "laura whap out the keys"
by capital D colon face December 07, 2009
5 7
To receive fellatio. To get a blow job.
That girl really knows how to give the whap. You should definitely get the whap from her, its worth the STD.
by V-nasty Fondizzy September 06, 2008
8 11