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World History AP. A class full of stupid fucks, and you wonder why they are even in the class. The only thing you ever do is take notes and spin your pen around. It is among the first AP classes you take, and getting a five on the test is easy. Doing your notes everyday and getting an A is not.
Greg: Look, Megan and Taylor are in WHAP, they are such dumb bitches.
Jake: Man, no wonder people say passing the AP test is so hard.
by Ilikebread July 06, 2011
What you say when a girl who likes you tells stories about herself and she is really into it, but in reality you find her talk boring and that she is sorta a dumb bitch.
Ashley: Oh my god, I is that tape! I totally remember this time when I stuck it on this guy I liked!

Me: Okay (*Thinks* just shut up bitch)
by Ilikebread July 06, 2011

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