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WEP, short for Wireless Encryption Protocol.
A form on encryption for wireless networks, although it has been shown to be crackable with the right programs.
Comes in 64-bit and 128-bit keys.
It has been replaced by the much stronger WPA.
Hacker1: Dude, I just cracked that AP down the street!
Hacker2: I thought it used WEP?
Hacker1: Yeah, just left Airsnort on for a few days
#wireless #internet #encryption #airsnort #wardriving
by Subhuman September 26, 2005
A shortened version of the word "weapons."
That gang is gonna come for us!

No problem, i'm packin' some weps.
#weapons #packing heat #wep #guns #defense mechanisms
by McCootes December 06, 2010
A man who cries after sex.
Your Dad is a wep
#sex #cry #cried #crying #dad
by dj_die_rules February 02, 2009
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