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Abbreviation for Wierd-ass-mother-fucker
Another word for creeper or wierdo.
Somebody who does strage things and/or is a loner.
"Oh my gosh! Jason just randomly sent me a dirty video!"
"Eww!! What a WAMF!!"

"Did you see laura at the party? She was sitting all by herself just staring at the wall like a wamf."

"Did he just sniff me?"
"yeah. hes a fucking wamf."
by amanderrrschmellymaaayne April 19, 2009
1) the opposite of bamf (bad ass mother fucker) meaning weak ass mother fucker. a guy that shows no testicular fortitude
"hey lawrence, wheres francis?"
"idk bro, hes a wamf, he didnt barely drank anything, and now hes stayin inside this weekend"
"what a wamf"
by lawrencecharlesV November 24, 2011
Weird Ass Mother Fuckers. People who enjoy making fools out of themselves and don't give a fuck about what other people a think of them. They do the weirdest shit you'll ever see. If you hang out with a WAMF you're bound to have a fucking awesome night.
"Dude why the fuck did you just shit in that lady's fountain?"
"Because i'm a WAMF."

"That girl is psycho."
"Nah man, she's just a WAMF."
by GSmizzle August 25, 2012
that wierd, creepy guy who never stops following you around he often starts random conversations with you and half the time you have no idea what he is talking about. Stands for WIERD ASS M-THER F###ER
That guy won't stop stalking me. He's such a wamf
by The truth, i speak that February 24, 2012
WAMF - Wide Ass Mother Fucker

A code word used usually by boys while defining a womans butt. You sort all womens in the wamf category or the not-a-wamf category. Then you can discuss with other guys if she is a wamf or not or wether it's good or not. Of course girls can use this to, it's just much more common among guys. The question we all ask ourselfs: "Am I a WAMF and do I want to be one?"
-OMG, there goes a real wamf!
-Naw her friend is more of a wamf (meaning that she has a bigger butt).

-Is your girlfriend a wamf?
-Heck no, she is definitly not a wamf.

-Look at that milf!!
-Yea, but she's a wamf.
by Cetamora April 16, 2006

People who are white and know they're white but try to be "gangstah"... kinda like a wigger but even more annoying

It can also be used to describe people who are more white than cool whip
"omg that kid has got to stop acting ghetto he is such a WAMF"
"Oh my God I know he's whiter than a freakin snowman"
by Veeronnienica April 07, 2010
His girlfriend has made him a WAMF.

Ya he's hella whipped.
by funk daddy October 17, 2009
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