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something you can't have pie without.
Stewie: You can't have pie without Cool Whip. Brian: Cool Whip? Stewie: Yes, Cool Whip.
by pbm19 January 20, 2008
Best. Thing. Ever. Made.
"Dude you want some Ice Cream!?!"

"Yeah, dude! But gimme some of that Cool Whip!"



by DanaHugginsss May 01, 2010
Someone who always has to top any story that someone tells
Man, everytime I tell Jim a story he acts like Cool Whip
by scat digg December 29, 2010
Term used to describe someone that is a hotshot or is arrogant
Guy #1: I can run faster than you!
Guy #2:No you can't coolwhip!
by BlueX273 March 24, 2009
Urban definition: A reference used to describe a nice looking car. This term is best used as a double meaning when describing a exceptional looking car that is white.
"I'm in my cool whip, insides jello, hop up out that pretty mothaf*cka like, HELLO!" - Young Jeezy (Shawty Lo -Dey Know Remix)
by MisterSentry April 01, 2008
Something you do not put on your crabs.
*gets pumpkin pie*

"dude my crabs itch"

"I have some cool whip" *referring to pumpkin pie*

"I don't put cool whip on my crabs"
by itchmacrabs November 12, 2007
The foamy cream colored froth that forms around the edges of a meaty vagina when you cum inside of one and proceed to keep on fucking it. If you are a fast fucker this may also be mistaken as shaving cream and/or pancake batter.
"When dave finished licking her hatchet wound he had a cool whip mustache".
by S-D-M June 08, 2006
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