Sarah Palin is such a VPILF
by BeekPee September 01, 2008
Vice President I'd Like To Fuck. When there is a really good looking vice president of an organization or political office. The term has come to light now that John McCain selected Sarah Paulin as his running mate in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election.
The woman John McCain chose as his running mate could be a VPILF if they win the election.
by Chief Lovedoctor August 30, 2008
"Vice President I'd Like to Fuck".

This word origins from the word milf.

"Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential candidate, would be vpilf."
by bhebb August 30, 2008
"Vice President I'd Like (to) Fuck" (aka, Sarah Palin).
Septuagenarian Senator John McCain may put Viagra out of business by announcing the very first VPILF (Vice President I'd Like to Fuck), Sarah Palin, as his running mate
by ChinOmelettes4SarahPalin August 29, 2008
Vice President I'd Like to Fuck...aka Sarah Paline
Did you see mccain's new running mate?

Yea dude there is a chance of having a VPILF in office for 4 years, hopefully 8 with her fine ass.
by KK f b. aka 303's finest September 23, 2008
Acronym for "Vice President I'd Like to F**k". This is a modification of MILTF and became popular when John McCain in the 2008 election, rather than picking a qualified candidate for vice president, went bonkers and picked an ex Alaska beauty queen runner up.
Sarah Palin is certainly my VPILF.
by stormrunner September 15, 2008
Vice President I'd Like to Fuck, a.k.a Sarah Palin
For the Young Republican men Sarah Palin is a wet dream come true. She's the Vpilf
by YoungTurk September 12, 2008
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