Vice President I'd like to fuck
Sarah Palin is VPILF.
by Chad DiPrince September 12, 2008
Vice President I'd Like to Fuck
If Sarah Palin is elected she will be the first Vpilf
by EbolaMonkeyStew September 12, 2008
vice president I'd like to fuck.
Similar to a milf but a vice president
Vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin might be the first V.P.I.L.F.! she is better than a M.I.L.F!
by stenmeister September 08, 2008
Vice President I'ld like to fuck
Sarah Louise Heath Palin is running for VP with the Republican Party; whatta VPILF
by Scott Mansfield September 08, 2008
Vice President I'd Like to Fuck

Based on the word MILF made famous by the movie "American Pie".
Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin would be such a VPILF
by Digifanatic September 07, 2008
Vice-presidential candidate with that librarian-at-the-beginning-of-the-porn-movie feel, like she's gonna take off her glasses, shake out her hair, and then the porno music starts.

Oh yeah.
Sarah Palin is one smokin' VPILF
by thetoastmaster September 06, 2008
Acronym: Vice President I'd Like to Fuck.

"Dude, that chick's a vpilf, milf hunter should get on that shit pronto"
by evilchris September 04, 2008

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