Vice President I'd Like to Fuck.
Me: GOP Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin sure is a VPILF!

McCain: Yep, I'd tap that. *is referring to a phoneline*
by jimtownresident11-june-1989 August 29, 2008
McCain's starting to get it. Sarah Palin is 1 VPILF
by Kitchen Cynic August 29, 2008
Vice President I'd Like (to) Fuck. Specifically, Sarah Palin.
Sarah Palin is such a VPILF
by ordain August 29, 2008
Derived from MILF, VPILF means Vice President I'd Like to Fuck. Originated in response to John McCain's selection for running mate, Sara Palin. So far VPILF only applies to her.

The term probably originated from the fact that IF she wins she will be the first woman to be a vice president and also due to the fact that she is so young.
Guy 1: Dude did you see that VPILF McCain picked as his running mate? She's only 44!

Guy 2: She's hot but I prefer PILF's.
by A. Noneemuss August 29, 2008
Vice president I'd like to fuck.
Sarah Palin is a VPILF.
by Barack O August 29, 2008
acronym for Vice President I'd Like to Fuck.
Man, have you SEEN Sarah Palin? Total VPILF
by DrHogie August 29, 2008
Vice-President I'd like (to) fuck.
Friend: Why should i vote republican?
You: Because Sarah Palin is a Vpilf moron.
Friend: Whats a Vpilf?
You: Vice President id like to fuck.
Friend: Oh yeah, id def. give her a hot lunch.
by Fuck my name is taken October 15, 2008

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