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Vice President I'd Like to Fuck. Similar to MILF.
Sarah Palin is definitely a VPILF!
by TheJoker445 September 17, 2008
Vice-President I'd Like to Fuck.
Did you check out Sarah Palin? She's a real VPILF!
by Hufmybone September 17, 2008
Vice President I'd Like to Fuck

a very attractive Vice president who you may wish to lay down, and make casual love to.

a Vice President you would wish to fuck.

Heard from the Phillip DeFranco show, on youtube.
"DAMN! Sarah Palin is a VPILF!"
by CHAZWOZZER!! September 15, 2008
vice president I'd like to fuck
Sarah: Total VPILF
by TMTorr September 13, 2008
vice president i'd like to fuck
Hey man did you see Sarah Palin at the Republican National Convention last night?

Yeah, dude! VPILF, much?
by spencerdean September 13, 2008
Vice President I'd Like (to) Fuck.
see Sarah Palin.
Guy 1: Hey Sarah Palin is on NBC and has no fucking idea what Charlie is asking her about!
Guy 2: Yeah, even I know what the Bush Doctrine is, but its ok, I'd blow my load all over that Vpilf's face!
by fatline99 September 12, 2008
VPILF (Vice President I'd Like to Fuck)

A variation of MILF (Mother I'd Like to Fuck)
Sarah Palin is a VPILF
by Steele404 September 12, 2008