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A jamaican slang for sex, Made popular by a Dancehall/Reggae artist named Baby Cham in the song:
"Vitamin S"
"Dat's why gal a stake out my home and a blow up my phone cause she waan di vitamin S
Gal waan smoke my cigar and a run dung my car cause she waan di vitamin S
Gal a unbutton har skirt and a pop off har shirt cause she waan di vitamin S
Gal nah tek nuh check cause it good fi stress dem waan di vitamin S"- From the song
by SilverSpyder May 20, 2006
A chemical that make you feel better. Different vitamins have different effects. Everybody need them to be happy and sometimes, productive, individuals.

vitamin C : A lot of americans get plenty of this vitamin thanks to the popularity of the delicious brew. Also named: caffeine, trimethylxanthine. If coffee is not enough you can have lot of them from No-Doz. Everybody know its effects and importance so i'm not gonna explain it all.

Vitamin A ("amphet") : Believe by many to be a stronger version of vit.C. Of course NOT! Important to be motivated, euphoric, energetic and not suffer from "sleep". Exist in different potency.
Chemical scientific name: All amphetamine analogs especially methamphetamine. Some weaker or less useful substitutes are methylphenidate, methcathinone, etc.
Rich people buy the "rich man's amphetamine" known as coke.

vitamin O ("opioids"): Make you feel relaxed, happy and content about everything. The brain doesn't make enough of its natural vitamin O ("endorphins"). That's why you need supplements. It is not actually "a chemical" but a group of chemical. Some of them are more "concentrated".
(from weak to strong): Codeine (tylenol 3's), DHC, hydrocodone (vics), oxycodone (percs), methadone, morphine (MS contin), heroin (smack), fentanyl (China White).

vitamin K: Also known as "horse tranquilizer" it is also very healthy for humans. When the body is saturated of this vitamin, one enter what is known as the K hole. If you can't afford or find this rare vitamin you can try DXM or PCP. Both are less good, but whatever.

vitamin B : The only vitamin you can find in pretty much any store, and for cheap.
cheap vitamin-rich liquids: MD20/20, Night Train Express, Thunderbird, Wild Irish Rose, Cisco, Buckfast.
A high-technology replacement is GHB it is engineered to have better effects and be non-damaging (it's true i swear!). Unfortunately its hard to find.

vitamin T : Very important to open your mind. Beware of adverse reactions known as "bad trips".
Scientific name: Tryptamines
Substances: mainly acid, shroomz and DMT. But there are a lot of other different sub-vitamins.

vitamin M : Dude, its like... woah... The essential... And YOU TOO can make it at home!
Note: the active constituant is THC.

vitamin N : Conveniently sold at cig-stores. Good news: you can help people get their dose of vit.N by smoking in crowded place, it is known as the "2nd hand smoke effect".

"D": datura or dramamine at high dose, people think they are vitamins and take'em... But they're not!!! NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!!!

Of course you must balance your intake. People going on megavitamin treatments are known as special names(1) most of them are harmful except vit.M. for example.

The people suffering from a total lack of vitamins are known as straight edge or "sXe". You should help them to ingest healthy vitamins.
"Straight edgism" should be eradicated from this planet, if the words don't work then use the gun (or any weapon)!

Remember. Vitamins = Heaven !
Eating isn't the only way to get vitamins. Use paraphernalia(2)!
(1)In order of vitamin:
workaholic, speedfreak (or tweaker or cokehead in some cases), junkie, ???, drunkard, space cadet, pothead, smoker, stupid fuck.

(2)resin pipe, bong, pump, snuff bullet, etc
by QuartzRox March 27, 2004
Slang for anabolic steroids.
That body builder has total kidnet failure at 26 hes been taking his vitamin s.
by Shews September 22, 2005
An essential element that your body needs to function properly. Most vitamins come from nutritious food, although vitamin D is produced when your skin is exposed to sunlight.
What's the difference between a vitamin and a hormone? You can't make a vitamin. (I know, except for vitamin D. It's still sort of a clever play on words. Get it? Whore moan?)
by Jim R. May 07, 2005
Anabolic steroids. The "S" stands for steroids, thus Vitamin Steroids.
Being a body-builder is about genetics and natural physique, not just Vitamin S and HGH.
by knikknax July 18, 2015
Slang for vicodin
You got that V-Itamin?
by christina and sam December 04, 2003
something that is awesome, your daily dose of everything.
yo, check out that girls ass.
damn it's vitamins brah.
by norifumi September 13, 2010
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