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Adjective: To feel unworthy or alienated in a social gathering due to lack of any sexual activity or a lack in recent sexual activity.

A combination of the words "virgin" and "alienated".
Example 1-

Dude #1: "Haha! Yeah man, Sarah and I did it 4 times this week."
Dude #2: "Yeah man, me and my chick did it last night, she was a wild thing!"
Dude #3: "C'mon guys, stfu, you're making me feel virginated."

Example 2-

Teen Girl 1: "I don't know what it's all about, I've had sex 7 times and it's great."
Teen Girl 2: *thinks to self* "Bitch is making me feel virginated."
by Collin G January 15, 2007
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