Victoria I will always love you, I am sorry I was not good enough for you, you will do great things in life, there is no doubt about it
Victoria-Forever loved
by Youwillknow June 13, 2009
One of the most amazing girls you will ever meet. She is classy and knows how to present herself. she wears clothes that fit her well and she is never caught without a great hair-do and her cellphone.
Victoria is selfless, really pretty, always thinks of others before herself, she makes an awesome friend, Doesn't lie, trustworthy.
by autoisotuabackwards July 14, 2009
A true friend, or a BFFL. A victoria is a sexy bitch. Sometimes is a mexican.
Victoria is my best friend, and you should be jealous.
by Tannerrr January 18, 2009
A girl who never fails to amaze everyone around her. She is beautiful, funny, fun to talk to, and an amazing friend. She can light up a room with her smile, make people laugh with her corny jokes, drop the jaws of every guy that sees her, and make people fall head over heels for her with her "teehee" and "shucks."
Guy1: "dude, do you know Victoria?"

Guy2: "Which one?"

Guy1: "The one that made you trip over the car, because you werent looking"

Guy2: " that's her name..."
by penisniggervictoria July 22, 2010
Victoria, is one of the most caring, kind, most random person you might ever meet. Her eyes are just captivating, while her smile is breath taking. She is just drop dead gorgeous.
Sometimes makes mistakes but easily tries to fix them. She tends to be really short but a HUGE heart. Usually tries to be friends with everyone except the people she really doesn't like. She will listen for when ever you need her too, and will give some of her best advice. If it was 3:OO in the morning and you messaged her with a problem, she would be up in a heart beat trying to help you.
A lot of guys would be the luckiest guys in the world to have her. And all her girlfriends couldn't find someone better. She is an all around amazing beautiful incredible girl.

Also known as Vicky Vikki Tori Vicki Vix Vic
Guy 1: Man, I'm so glad Victoria is my friend, She's just amazing.

Guy 2: No kidding, she has helped me wih everything, and she's so beautiful.

Guy 1: I agree.
by CanadianIdiot April 06, 2012
Great girlfriend, she is so sweet to me and so cute. Also a really great cook!
I love Victoria -Hunter
by hunterlovesvictoria May 06, 2009
term used fer a mad sexy beautiful girl who happens to a never notice them guys who love her and would give the world to her

word used for a girl who seems perfect in every way except that shes a total bitch ,
if a victoria is obtained she will prob end up ripping out ur heart and not giving two shits about it
1: that girl is such a victoria

2: i kno man she doesnt even know who i am and weve been in the same class since kindergarden

1: why do i always fall for the victoria's in my life
by t, h, j April 17, 2009
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