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An Anisa is a loyal, witty, and very beautiful girl who will love you unconditionally and will always try to encourage you, she really won't like it if you think little of yourself, she is the perfect friend, never let an Anisa go, but be careful with her because she can be pretty fragile. The perfect example of a true friend.
Whoa, she's an Anisa!
by ordinaryrunofthemill November 27, 2012
The most ridiculously amazing, pretty, sweet, and cute girl in the world. She can make anybody happy by smiling, she may seem like a good girl but has a bad girl side, even if she is into pink fuzzy things. Shes just great!
COOl! I just saw a Victoria!
by ordinaryrunofthemill November 27, 2012
A Dylana is the most extraordinary girl you will ever meet. Boys, if you ever meet a Dylana, NEVER let her go! She is VERY beautiful, unique, special, and loyal. She’s a little bit shy, and is VERY fun to be around. If you had a party, she would be the one to invite. A Dylana will hold on to a friend as long as you let her, she will always be there for you no matter what happens. A Dylana falls in love with ONLY the person that she senses is right for her, even if nobody really loves her... She will always care about you, she will comfort you and give you heartfelt things and will NEVER expect anything back, except maybe a big hug. Dylanas are emotional and just want someone who will listen to her. Dylanas also hang out with guys most of the time and love to play video games, but being loved by her TRUE friends is really her most favorite thing in the world. She LOVES to sing, dance and be artistic, even though she might not be the best at it… Her beauty will amaze you, but she thinks she’s not pretty at all, but you’ll think she’s hot. You will feel like the luckiest person in the world. You are EXTREMELY LUCKY if you ever find a Dylana in your life, NEVER EVER let her go because after the smoke clears, she will be the beautiful girl still waiting there for you to come back to hug her and tell her that you will never let her go, Forever and Always and until the ends of the earth...
Dylana: I'm ugly
Boy: I'm pregnant!
Dylana: What?!
Boy: I thought we were saying things that aren't true...
by ordinaryrunofthemill November 27, 2012
A cassi will have a very upbeat personality, she always has a smile on her face, no matter what! She's very cool and very pretty!
wow, she's a cassi!
by ordinaryrunofthemill November 27, 2012
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