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Capital City of British Columbia, Canada.
population: 300,000
Like the stoned younger brother of Vancouver, Victoria is the kind of place for people who aren't into the go-go lifestyle of big city life.
Victoria is sooo much nicer than Vancouver
by daakadence February 27, 2005
938 770
A name given to the most ridiculously amazing, beautiful, sweet, gorgeous, incredible, cute, all around perfect girl in the whole Universe. She is just stunning, she can light up the darkest rooms with her smile, and bring up anyones day with her voice, there is nothing wrong with her at all, she just never ceases to amaze anyone, her beauty is hypnotic and her eyes are mesmerizing, she herself is so magnetic, on a scale of 1 to 10 she is an Eleventy Fortyfour,she may seem like a good girl but have a night with her and you'll discover her total bad girl side, she is into pink fuzzy handcuffs and leather,but you still cant help but remain in love with her,even though she is incredibly kinky.
Gosh! When I saw Victoria pass by my zipper broke!
by JamesIsAMonsterInBed June 11, 2009
6171 2463
Really nice, makes you laugh, beautiful, has a lot of passion, great friend to have
Guy1: Did you see Victoria?

Guy2: Yeah I wish she wasn't taken

Girl1: She's not that great

Guy1: Shut up Girl1 you're just jealous!
by TopAll January 19, 2009
4448 2094
In Ireland, this is a name givin to someone that makes you laugh alot.
I was laughing all day because of a Victoria i know.
by JimJimHowsYerBits November 17, 2007
3633 1965
There are countless definitions out there that attempt to explain this rather unusual and amazing specimen of a woman. She is the most beautiful, intelligent, talented, intriguing, funny person you will ever get the pleasure of meeting, trust me. If it needs to get done she will get it done. In other words, a Victoria is a fascinating wonder woman.
Dude 1: So, did you meet Victoria?

Dude 2: Yeah, I was introduced last night. It was the most amazing and life altering experience I ever had.

Dude 1: Whoa dude. That's hot...
by unexplainablephenomenon July 12, 2009
2541 971
Italian name meaning "Victorious" or "Victory" given to a girl that embodies the highest level of beauty. The best Victoria's are found in Franklin Square, LI.
I was on the LIRR, and suddenly I saw a girl and I knew her name must be Victoria because she was soooo hot!
by James L. Jacobsen April 14, 2008
2886 1683
Beautiful, hot, loves to party
Boringgirl: Hey you wanna stay in and starve and look like a skeleton?

Coolperson: Uh.... no I'm going out tonight with Victoria and you're not invited
by Fuckinrealites January 19, 2009
2357 1311
Shes that girl that you cant keep off your mind. Shes the most amazing girl you will ever meet and you dont know what you could ever do without her. Shes too beautiful to even describe the most perfect girl in the world. Youll wanna hold her and never let go and when you kiss her you wont be able to stop. Shes the sweetest girl ever with the cutest laugh and most amazing smile you will ever see. She has the most amazing body you have ever layed your eyes on theres no other girl anything like her. All you have to do is look into her gorgeous eyes and you will fall in love.
I cant stop thinking about victoria
by ilovevlbl February 01, 2010
1684 721