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When you eat a handful of laxitives, jack off, then run into the bathroom and shit your guts out, leaving you with this calming feeling of being totally emptied.
Jack: Hey, Jordan, guess what I did last night?
Jordan: What, Jack?
Jack: I pulled a Viceroy!!
Jordan: No! How was it?
Jack: Let's just say I was to lazy to get off the toilet!!
by fubsish August 02, 2009
The viceroy is well known personality, who visits restaurants and bars, in order to be seen, rather than to see. His presence or absence is often used as a reason by others why the check or bill of fare is not to be paid, or to defer dessert. He haunts establishments by his formidable reputation, and his word is law.
I would love to have the apple pie, but I have to meet the Viceroy, don't you know?
by chasethedoor October 30, 2011
Group of extremely skilled Texan drivers with kick ass cars.
Viceroy been' hitting up the local tracks and ripping the pavement to shreds.
by Mathieu Berthiaume February 13, 2007
The new word for being hardcore emo.
"Viceroy til I die!"
by George Bovany August 12, 2006