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Used in reference to anyone or anything that one finds particularly wonderful. Best used by self-proclaimed glam fags.
You see that old lady over there, kicking the heads off of dandelions?

Sure I do, man. She's velvet, that one.
by Øne January 13, 2008
22 21
One who can be smooth and loveable, or esp. cuddly. If rubbed the wrong way, can turn into the opposite definition.
That chick's velvet man...
by SoftVelvet April 13, 2003
85 24
Velvet was a black cat with the softest fur ever.
Velvet never hissed and gave love unconditionally.
by quesondriac December 02, 2013
16 3
The most luscious material. It is also the first part of "Underground".
That girl looks so amazingly sexy in her velvet panties. I wanna peel them slowly off her and see what's underneath.
by Jay Hughes July 09, 2006
47 35
The feeling of the skin surrounding a woman's vagina, when the hair there, has been waxed or shaved.
Guy 1: Did you get any pubes stuck in your teeth, when you went down on her last night?
Guy 2: Nah man - she's velvet.
by JoeyNox October 15, 2012
14 6
Keeping it smooth,Everything is going smoothly.
Voice 1: Whats Up? How is everything going?
Voice 2: It's all Velvet How bout You?
by s303lvi November 03, 2009
16 14
The only good song on Fergie's album "The Dutchess". A very sensual song where 3:20 into the song, your mind including your imagination will succumb to its relaxing yet erotic beat
"The Dutchess sucks"

"Yeah.. but go download Velvet. Its such a great song"
by StephonST July 10, 2008
4 18