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A character in both of Lupe Fiasco's albums. As well as a character, it is also a play on words sounding out "my cool young history". Is used as both meanings in Lupe's mind boggling song "The Coolest" from Lupe Fiasco's The Cool.
"Lord please have sympathy, and forgive 'Michael Young History' as, The coolest..
by StephonST July 10, 2008
Meaning to literally "run tell that" as in go "run and tell that" to your friends
If I see his punk ass anywhere near me and my dime, imma hit the boy where the sun dont shine. Go runteldat
by StephonST July 10, 2008
The kind of flexing that many skinny, toned people do. The flex shows definitions within the muscle, but no real bulk. eg. the chest may look defined and expanded, but no bulk/beefyness to it much like how Bruce Lee flexs in his movies (but is still a beast)
HAHAHA! You really expect me to be scared of that Bruce Lee flex?
by StephonST June 23, 2008
A silly rapper who actualy has good beats, but no good lyrics or flow to save his life. Mentioned on Adult Swim. Honestly can not be taken seriously. Has good beats such as "Best Year" or "Spell On Them Hoes", but lyrics are nothing to brag about. Refers to Six Flags too much in his album.
"I wake up in the mornin with a woody, if you make it laugh, you closer to that putty"

" when I pop the bottle, you know its good. When you could be watchin Top Model,
They wont see yo ass til tomorrow, sayonara baby,
that blood in my penis feels like lava baby"
- The Witchdoctor, "Spell On Them Hoes"
by StephonST July 10, 2008
The only good song on Fergie's album "The Dutchess". A very sensual song where 3:20 into the song, your mind including your imagination will succumb to its relaxing yet erotic beat
"The Dutchess sucks"

"Yeah.. but go download Velvet. Its such a great song"
by StephonST July 10, 2008
1. Reference to places in Colorado due to the first 3 digits in a phone number, also known as an area code. the area code is in places such as Denver and Highlands Ranch. A very boring place to live, inhabited by rich, carefree white people, and stoners.

2. A white rap group in Highlands Ranch who arent that great.
Rich white kid: "I live in the 303!"
Other guy: "Youre happy about that?"
Rich white kid: "Hell no"

"Ah you came late! You missed The 303 perform!"

"Missed a bunch of white kids trying to rap? in Highlands Ranch?? Glad I came late"
by StephonST July 10, 2008

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