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Sex involving the use of a nose.

More specifically, the substitution of fingers and/or the male genitalia in favor of a large, phallic nose. This works best when the receiving partner possesses a clitoris.
I went to dinner with a man the other night. While his personality was lacking, he was quite well endowed. We went back to my place and had some hot nose sex. I rode his gorgeous appendage to the most incredible orgasm of my life.
by Øne January 13, 2008
A cooler word for the familiar Dr Pepper.
Doktor Pfeffer: Because everything is cooler in German.
by Øne January 13, 2008
Used in reference to anyone or anything that one finds particularly wonderful. Best used by self-proclaimed glam fags.
You see that old lady over there, kicking the heads off of dandelions?

Sure I do, man. She's velvet, that one.
by Øne January 13, 2008
Another term for drag. Most appropriately used in reference to chicks dressed like dudes dressed like chicks. Also applies to gender-bending, or otherwise queer imitations of the nazi stormtrooper.
I heard {Beth} and {Sarah} were lisping around town last weekend.

Yeah, they packed some mighty velvet wigs. {Sarah} says they tore their boots up pretty bad, goose-stepping around in the rain.
by Øne January 13, 2008
It would seem that space hippies are, indeed, good for something.

"Mr. Spock... what does 'Herbert' mean?"
"It is somewhat... uncomplimentary, captain. Herbert was a minor official -- notorious for his rigid and limited patterns of thought."
"Man, I just got back from dealing with those tight laced assholes in administration. What a bunch of self-righteous morons."

"You mean the Herberts? Yeah, I reach. They try to hide their stupidity behind pissy school-girl momentum. They fail, of course."

"I know. Even Barris doesn't buy that shit."

"I take consolation in knowing that, when they're not bent over some desk appeasing their superiors, they're tearing themselves apart in the collective flame of a never-ending midlife crisis. At least /we/ maintain a sense of humor about it all."

"Hah, yeah. Fucking Herberts."
by Øne October 23, 2007

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