A military person who leads people into battle with victory.
The commander was being a true vega in battle
by Jay August 05, 2003
A vehicle manufactured by Chevrolet from 1971-1977. They looked similar to the Camaros of that era. They were available as hatchbacks or station wagons. They have a penchant for doing well at the drag races (that is, if you know what you're doing). Most that you will see nowadays are fiberglass or are steel that are goobered up with Bondo.
My dad's '73 Vega will wipe your little rice burner right off the fuckin' track, bitch.
by Skwurl January 18, 2005
Vega Obscura, a young (around twelve years) antagonist in the Zoids Century Zero anime television series. He was known as "The King" for his uber zoids skills in the arcade, and once Backdraft (Uber stupid antagonist organization) hires him, he recieves the Beserk Fury (Beserk Furrhur), a Zero-type zoid. He is hired to annihilate Bit Cloud, a pilot of another Zero-type zoid, a Liger Zero, from the Blitz Team.
Vega is actually very sweet and innocent. He has a kind heart that just wants to have fun.
Vega is a short form for Cerwin Vega speakers. Or used for any car audio. Commonly used to tell somone how awsome there sound system is
Shit man, your vegas POUND, I think my ears are bleeding!!
by Nik April 14, 2005
HP chat regular that has striking resemblance to the kid from billy madison.
See: Harry potter
Vega has been kicked by host noctorous a wizard such as yourself is not fit to mess with the likes of muggle women.
by Gyver February 01, 2005
The egocentric Spanish ninja taht fights with an iron mask to avoid the scars on the face because he has a pretty smooth face. He combines the beauty with the fighting. Himself is proclaimed "The most Beautiful Fighter of the World".
Vega: "I am the beauty, I am the strength... I am the best fighter..."
by Samurai Katsu September 15, 2003
The sexiest man alive
The best boyfriend ever
Related to founder of Las Vegas
Noone is better than my Vega!
by Catt March 28, 2005
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