A military person who leads people into battle with victory.
The commander was being a true vega in battle
by Jay August 05, 2003
The short form of the Spanish last name De la Vega or "Of the plain/meadow". Anyone who has the last name Vega by blood is related to others who have that last name by blood, though the name has gained variety over the centuries such as "La Vega", "Vegas", or just "Vega". The House of De la Vega is a house of nobility existing in Spain from the Castile region, and has been around ever since the first Spanish kingdoms before their unification into the nation of Spain. Being of prestigious nobility, the Vega house was also involved in some coup attempts to claim the throne and rule over much of Spain. Being staunch Christians and loyal to the Catholic Church, some of the Vega house traveled west to the New World and started the many families in North America that bear the name of Vega, however again, anyone living in North America who has the Vega last name from their parents is related to other Vegas, with a common ancestor probably living three or four hundred years ago, from the time of immigration. The Vegas, also being of an old noble house, never had to pay taxes, and still don't even in Spain today. There are roughly 110,000 Vegas in the world. Also some gaming company that made SF 2 had a character in it named "Vega", and this is where most morons tend to associate the name "Vega" from. Some travelers on the way to California long ago passed through an oasis in Nevada, and they named it "Las Vegas", meaning "The meadow(s)", because of it being an oasis in the desert.
1. I despise America constantly taxing me, but since I speak Spanish as a second language and I'm very rich, and my last name is De la Vega, I'm going to get Spanish citizenship and request the King grant me a title of nobility, so I don't have to pay ridiculous income taxes anymore.

2. First idiot: "OH MAN your last name is Vega?! Vega was so badass in Street Fighter 2!!"

Vega: (facepalm) "I'm surrounded by morons."

3. First: "My last name is 'Smith'; sounds cool, huh?"

Second: "Your ancestors were likely craftsmen or peasants."

First: "Oh yeah, what were yours then huh dickhead? Vega doesn't sound like anything important."

Second: "My family bloodline is of Spanish aristocracy going back over one thousand years, and if I were born in Medieval times, I'd be a knight, and you'd be a peasant."
by De la Vega July 29, 2013
Vega Obscura, a young (around twelve years) antagonist in the Zoids Century Zero anime television series. He was known as "The King" for his uber zoids skills in the arcade, and once Backdraft (Uber stupid antagonist organization) hires him, he recieves the Beserk Fury (Beserk Furrhur), a Zero-type zoid. He is hired to annihilate Bit Cloud, a pilot of another Zero-type zoid, a Liger Zero, from the Blitz Team.
Vega is actually very sweet and innocent. He has a kind heart that just wants to have fun.
Vega is a short form for Cerwin Vega speakers. Or used for any car audio. Commonly used to tell somone how awsome there sound system is
Shit man, your vegas POUND, I think my ears are bleeding!!
by Nik April 14, 2005
Vega is an asshole.
by Deeybish January 16, 2015
HP chat regular that has striking resemblance to the kid from billy madison.
See: Harry potter
Vega has been kicked by host noctorous a wizard such as yourself is not fit to mess with the likes of muggle women.
by Gyver February 01, 2005
The egocentric Spanish ninja taht fights with an iron mask to avoid the scars on the face because he has a pretty smooth face. He combines the beauty with the fighting. Himself is proclaimed "The most Beautiful Fighter of the World".
Vega: "I am the beauty, I am the strength... I am the best fighter..."
by Samurai Katsu September 15, 2003

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