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When a couple re-enacts a dirty dowden , however instead of reverting back to the shower, the couple proceeds to the closest glow in the dark mini golf facility and fucks there. If at all possible, the company of Adriana Lima, Lady Gaga, or Obama would be appreciated.
Guy: Hey let's get together sometime and Vega it up bbygirl.

Girl: Alright daddy mack ;D
by charrr_df December 18, 2009
The successor.
Vega will succeed Polaris in 12 millennia.
by Vega October 09, 2003
Referring to something of poor taste, many times used to describe behavior which one finds immature, ignorant, or just plain stupid.
Wow, did you see that crap Kanye pulled at the VMAs? That was just so vega how he took the mic from Taylor.
by Astro4life September 15, 2009
A mark on ur screen that aids in increasing accuracy while using a sniper unscoped.
take that vega off ur screen
by mx March 20, 2003
Vegas - A modifier that's tacked on to the end of a town or city, usually replacing the term "ville" that the denizens sarcastically use to give their village the appearance of being hip and/or happening.
Joe: Where you headed this weekend?
Schmoe: Nonstop excitement. Im off to Nashvegas or Knoxvegas.
by Mad Sclupu July 14, 2005
A Sisyphusean struggle to reach eutopia
"Vegas baby, vegas."
by climax February 18, 2005
The act of sexually molesting ones brother in a manner that causes physical harm to one (or more) people(s).
<frodie> NO, I DONT WANT TO BE VEGA'd.
by mx March 20, 2003