The act of sexually molesting ones brother in a manner that causes physical harm to one (or more) people(s).
<frodie> NO, I DONT WANT TO BE VEGA'd.
by mx March 20, 2003
A big black guy that is extremely well at laser tag. Dances like a robot during instructions. Ninja like sneak-ability and scores way beyond normal numbers during game.
"GOT IT *shoots through a small hole in the wall and bounces of six mirrors to take out a whole team*"
by Mitona March 13, 2009
what happens here, stays here.
accident: what happened in Vegas?
guy: you happened in Vages
guy: no, seriously. your mom had sex with your dad, and you happened
guy: and then they left you in Vegas
guy: you know what they say, 'what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.'
by whatserface April 26, 2007
An adjective given to a very risky attempt at any action, refering to the cities infamous gambling, can have positive or negative connotation depending on inflection...
(while driving)
Joe: Watch it! That lane change was a little to Vegas...
by RAddisonJones September 23, 2005
A verb used to describe a conversation that is meant to stay between you and whoever it may be that you are talking to. Refering to the old "what happens in vegas, stays in vegas" quote.
"I think i'm going to ask her out this weekend, but don't tell her."
"Oh don't worry man, this conversation is totally vegas."
by Duckmaster-D April 23, 2007
An 18 year old kid thats extremely straight edge. Graduated from high school, and not looking to go to college. Most likely will get a venue and have shows there all the time. Known in the New Bedford music scene. Most people don't know his real name. Can hangout with a bunch of drunken stoners and still keeps his edge. Oh, and <3's CEREMONY!
Vegas will probably be at that show.
by Lindsay Almeida July 14, 2008
A place in California, commonly referred to as Las Vegas. It is fake, over exaggerated, and provides short term amusement.
With all of this technology and increasingly distant physical human interactions, the whole world will be like Vegas in a few years.
by Halfaffle March 28, 2015
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