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An individual who doesn't consume animal products. Sometimes their motives are pure, but for the most part they live this lifestyle to try to be morally superior to others. They can try, anyway.
The Vegans are coming! The vegans are coming! Here's one with a leather coat and shoes...
by tradesman May 13, 2003
83 160
Vegan (n): a person who believes that it's not okay for people to harm animals and that IT'S NOT OKAY TO USE THEIR MILK AND BLOOD TO MAKE FUCKING COOKIEEEEEEEEEES!!!
Refer to Theo The Angry Vegan on youtube for example
by VeganDK April 29, 2011
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Someone that does not eat or use anything processed from an animal. They do not eat any forms of meat, cheese, fish, etc. They do not wear/use leather products, or products made from an animal. (Most are organic product shoppers and farmer's market shoppers etc.)
1: "Oh look at this jacket!"
2: "It's leather..."
1: "Yeah...?"
2: "I'm a vegan!"
by PARTYTOY February 11, 2009
53 32
A cruel, sick and twisted person who murders innocent Plants in cold blood.
That Vegan just killed that innocent Carrot! It was so young! Why did it have to die?!?! WHYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Volimer February 12, 2010
101 83
A vegan is simply a practicing human herbivore.

All humans are herbivore by design.

That is an indisputable fact. (note: refer to Dr. Mills' "Comparative Anatomy of Eating" for a detailed analysis in chart format.)

Diet is the principle mode of earthly interaction and exchange. It is an essential feature of ecology that creatures function within certain behavioral 'niches' including dietary.

This is what enables nature's cooperative and supportive mechanisms to function and thus continuously renew and support all life. To not understand what we humans are designed to eat is so basic a misunderstanding that it has engendered many other destructive and self defeating behavioral forms including war and elitism.

This practical misunderstanding of our true herbivore natures also continues to bar our ability to commune as other animals do; openly, wholeheartedly and with a natural purity of spirit.
Vegans do not consume animal products or engage in behaviors that violate other animals' rights to life, habitat and nature determined experiences.
by Cheryl Maietta October 26, 2006
196 179
someone whose compassion for all living beings even includes the folk who felt it was okay to malign veganism with slanderous and incorrect definitions. to practice veganism is to avoid to whatever degree possible all products which are made from flesh or contain animal by-products with the exception of those shared between humans with mutual consent ( human breastmilk for example). most vegans also choose to buy organic foods manufactured by environmentally and socially responsible companies. to be vegan also means to embrace a lifestyle of compassion and non-violence. many people confuse strict vegetarianism, which is only dietary, with true veganism which encompasses all facets of a lifestyle and includes living your life with sense of the interconnectedness between all people, animals and our environment.
After reading John Robbins book " Diet For A New America" and educating herself about the detrimental impact animal agriculture has on not only the lives of animals but also our oceans, lakes, rainforests, topsoil, air quality and the health of human beings, Lisa made the very altruistic and gutsy decision to become a vegan.
by erin June 09, 2004
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Source of amusement online. Is also a popular member of the online phenomenon 'Find the Vegan'.
Will get red in the face if comments are made about:
-Animals being slaughtered
-Being insulted for being Vegan
-Being mentioned for being Vegan

Can be found on forums and websites such as Tumblr.
You will know someone is a Vegan when they try to tell you about it.

Identifiable features include:
-Posting about Animal Cruelty
-Posting about being Vegan
-Posting about how Non-Vegans must be worshipers of Satan
-Posting fake stories about processing meat meant to convert people.

Examples include:
Person 1: How do you find a Vegan at a party? They'll let you know.
Person 2: Excuse Me... So Not True...
Person 1: How do you find a Vegan on Facebook?

Person 1: How do you find a Vegan? They'll let you know.
Person 2: How do you find a Meat-Eater at a party? Don't worry, they'll be everywhere, BBQing dead animals and stuffing them in their mouths and saying 'OMG Vegans are so Preachy'
Person 3: I found the Vegan

Person 1: Science Experiment: Who is easiest to summon?
John Green?
A Vegan?
The only way to find out is to reblog and wait...
Person 2: f**k you vegans aren't your source of entertainment you animal killers.
by PaulSmallSmith June 28, 2013
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Someone who does not use any animal products (which is near impossible). It has been proven that to be a vegan one must have a ridiculous superiority complex. This is often mistaken by the vegan and other vegans as enlightenment. This massive ego stimulation often results in insulting "meat-eaters" undeservedly, and the delusion that they are actually making a change. This also involves constant bragging about how much they love the lifestyle.
1. "If you are not a vegan, you are a terrible, terrible person incapable of feeling compassion or love because you can stomach the thought of killing a cow. Hold on, I have to finish my tofu and soy milk."
2. "As a vegan, I would sooner kill one human infant than two cows."
(Note: Number 2 is a direct quote from a vegan I know.)
by Howard D. Marsh May 04, 2011
30 24