A mindless group of people who are totally ignorant to the feelings of fruits and vegetables. These are people who dont eat meat for reasons other than health or weight loss. They normally form the same argument about animal cruelty, when in fact, animals have no true feelings or emotion, and if we didn't eat them they would suffer and die anyway just like everything else does. As for the sport of it least animals have some chance of escape, unlike plants.
That damn lettuce patch never saw it coming. They were ambushed in the middle of the night by a band of salad-loving vegans.
by At least I'm true to my nature August 17, 2003
Vegans: The plural of vegan.

A vegan is someone who, for political, moral, or health reasons, does not eat meat or any animal products such as milk, eggs or cheese.
Vegan: Eggs are chicken abortions!

Omnivore at the next table: I'll have a bacon and cheese omelette and a buttered bagel, please.

Vegan: *faint*

Vegans can get a bit overexcited at times.
by Dr. Moreau May 08, 2006
An inhabitant of the asteroid Vega. Well known for their abstinance from eating animal products, and their hatred of meat eaters.
I am Zoltan, from Vega. If I see you eating meat, you will die.
by Ralgor February 15, 2004
Someone with BALLS. I mean, for real, can you imagine making that kind of sacrifice for your principles? JESUS!
I'm a vegetarian, which is cool, and I still nearly have to change underwear after watching Taco Bell commercials. I can't imagine being a vegan.
by your Lord and Savior August 25, 2007
Someone who ignores judgemental/uninformed arguments like "waaah but we are part of the food-chain, its natural to eat animal products." argument. This argument is pretty much identical to any person when asked or threatened with any behavior out of the ordinary that needs to use kindergarden logic to defend themselves. When a non-vegan hears the word vegan they generally have a look of disgust on their face and are more annoying than most vegans themselves with all of their patronizing questions/arguments they think are witty.

Some vegans are self-absorbed and moralistic a-holes, often the ones from PETA are the worst of these. Some vegans don't push their personal beliefs on others and get annoyed with how the preachy ones ruin everything for them.
non-vegan: Want some eggs?

vegan: no thanks.


vegan:I'm vegan.

non-vegan: OH MY GAWWWD WTF DO YOU EAT? WHY? Isn't it...like natural to eat animal products? You need calcium and shit!

vegan:meh, its working for me, I like how I am now, thanks.

by tcoca July 07, 2009
Someone who chooses not to consume animal products. A vegan does not eat meat, dairy products or eggs from animals. They also do not wear leather, wool, silk and other animal derived materials. They often have to deal with people who seem intimidated by people who choose not to support the harming of animals.
I think that just because I can fit something in my mouth that I have to eat it, I could easily get by without meat but I choose not to out of fear of being 'PC' and I have absolutely no idea that you can easily eat a fully balanced, nutritionally sound, diet without consuming animal products... hence I am not a vegan. I do, however, like to display my ignorance by posting mind numbingly stupid and totally unfounded criticisms of veganism on websites because it makes me feel special.
by Phaedrus January 08, 2004
A person who follows the diet and/or lifestyle that promotes not using any animal products or byproducts.

The vegan diet and lifestyle are both impossible to follow to the fullest, so most vegans tend to stop when it becomes inconvenient. For example, animal products are used to vulcanize rubber and process steel. So a true vegan would be forced to shun most anything found in an industrialized nation, notably things such as cars, buses, airplanes and bicycles. Also, the vegan diet does not and cannot supply vitamin B12, as this essential vitamin only comes from meat and dairy. So a vegan must either take vitamin supplements, (which one way or another come from an animal) give up the diet altogether, or face B12 deficiency; which can cause brain damage.

Generally, vegans tend to ignore such glaring contractions and problems, preaching that they are the moral elite; even if they happen to be wearing leather shoes.
Vegans may be well intentioned, but their belifs are undeniably flawed.
by GAW II May 24, 2008

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