Someone who partakes not in the meat, nor the breastmilk, nor the ovum, of any creature with a face.
Todd Ingram: It's not really that big of a deal.
Scott Pilgrim: No kidding. Anyone can be vegan.
Todd Ingram: Ovo-lacto-vegetarian, maybe.
Scott Pilgrim: Ovo-what?
Todd Ingram: I partake not in the meat, nor the breastmilk, nor the ovum, of any creature with a face.
Envy Adams: Short answer, being vegan just makes you better than most people.

(Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World)
by Young Neil May 01, 2011
Someone who chooses to not eat anything animal.

A vegan who puts sufficient effort in to learning how to eat a healthy vegan diet is not unhealthy and skeletal looking, like some vegans who lack knowledge of what constitutes a healthy vegan diet.

A vegan puts effort in to their food choices that goes beyond "convenience food" and is healthier than the Standard American Diet--which gives them a good chance of not dieing from one of the major causes of old-age related death in the Western world--heart disease--and perhaps even cancer, depending on the diet.

A vegan learns that cows milk or other animal's milk are not the only sources of calcium. Protein and other things thought to only come from animals, can also come from vegetarian sources. In fact, with a little culinary knowledge it is easy to eat a wide variety of tasty vegetarian dishes--India's been doing it for thousands of years!

A vegan may know that it is not only protein that accounts for muscle growth, any knowledgeable body-builder can attest to that. Nutrients such as Zinc, b-vitamins, and a generally healthy diet are absolutely critical to muscle growth. Something meat is generally high in, but can be had from a vegan diet.

Avi R. Lehyani, a vegan body builder, who resides in Israel and is on the website veganbodybuilding dot com, is proof that vegans can be strong--contrary to some peoples ignorance. Who can bench press 380lbs and can rack lift 836lbs.
Guy who has experience with one vegan before learning about veganism: Frank just become a vegan, he's been raving about it for the last few months to everyone he knows! ... judging and praising people intensely. He looks very skinny, he's obviously not eating right. He probably needs some meat in his diet or something to get his calcium... there's 'no way' he can get enough of those in his diet!

Guy after seeing the people from veganbodybuilding dot com and having been a vegan for several years:

I had no idea vegans could be so strong until I saw Avi Lehyani, these guys know how to be strong AND vegan, what a seeming contradiction! When I first went vegan I had no idea how to be anything over 120lbs, then i started eating right and I gained over 10lbs a month, what a difference healthy eating makes! It IS possible to be strong and be vegan!
by gerdunga April 13, 2010
Someone who does not eat animal products: meat, milk, cheese, eggs, etc.
"Pick me up some almond milk" asked the vegan.
by Chegan' October 31, 2014
a person who cares alot about the lives and well-being of animals so much that they abstain from eating all animal products and also do not buy any products which are tested on innocent animals.

Vegans follow a natural diet of only vegetables, seeds, fruit, legumes, etc.

They have the same selection of non-vegans, only the food is made with those listed in the "diet" part.

A vegan diet can decrease your risk of cancer, lung disease, obesity, and high cholesterol.

Meat substitutes can be just as tasty as regular meat, depending upon your tastes.
"I am a Vegan.";
"Jane Doe is a Vegan"
by Jexirian/JOssius/Nix May 05, 2004
Source of amusement online. Is also a popular member of the online phenomenon 'Find the Vegan'.
Will get red in the face if comments are made about:
-Animals being slaughtered
-Being insulted for being Vegan
-Being mentioned for being Vegan

Can be found on forums and websites such as Tumblr.
You will know someone is a Vegan when they try to tell you about it.

Identifiable features include:
-Posting about Animal Cruelty
-Posting about being Vegan
-Posting about how Non-Vegans must be worshipers of Satan
-Posting fake stories about processing meat meant to convert people.

Examples include:
Person 1: How do you find a Vegan at a party? They'll let you know.
Person 2: Excuse Me... So Not True...
Person 1: How do you find a Vegan on Facebook?

Person 1: How do you find a Vegan? They'll let you know.
Person 2: How do you find a Meat-Eater at a party? Don't worry, they'll be everywhere, BBQing dead animals and stuffing them in their mouths and saying 'OMG Vegans are so Preachy'
Person 3: I found the Vegan

Person 1: Science Experiment: Who is easiest to summon?
John Green?
A Vegan?
The only way to find out is to reblog and wait...
Person 2: f**k you vegans aren't your source of entertainment you animal killers.
by PaulSmallSmith June 28, 2013
being vegan means that you do not consume any animal products including meat, eggs, diary, etc. or animal byproducts and do not wear any animal products like leather, wool, silk, etc.

and i just wanted to add in that not all vegans are nazi's we are all cool people and just because we are vegan does not mean that we dont like people who eat animals or use animal products. it is just our dietary choice we believe that you shouldn't eat or harm animals. i think it would be great to see more vegans but most of us dont try to push it on anyone. for example both my roommates eat meat and i am vegan and we get along great i respect their decision and they respect mine
john- hey man would you like some steak

vegan-no thanks man i am vegan,thanks though

john-aw, sorry man, i bet that is hard i could never do it

vegan-no it really isn't that hard at all, you should just give it a try, if you dont like it dont do it. but it is healthier and it saves the animals

john- no thanks man i like meat too much.

vegan-oh its cool, its not for everyone i guess

by Josh Diamond February 22, 2007
The pure work of satan
I became a vegan but later realized how much of a 'missed steak' it was
by that_lax_bro January 26, 2015

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