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Vagina; Opposite from Peen; which comes from the word penis.
Look at the Vicious Veen!
by brownisdownwithit August 15, 2008
(n.) A divine entity sent to earth from the planet Draob to slay dragons and keep the justice. Mythological being or legendary creature, a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical, supernatural or preternatural.
(v.) To inspire and motivate others to advance their careers through activation or energization of goal-oriented behavior, as opposed to "Veening" around on the internet.
" Geeee.... to bad I can't be more like a Veen."
by TheAvenger2025 December 11, 2009
A smelly man, that doesn't shower, mainly his balls smell like strong old cheese. he tends to fuck sea creatures, such as: the fish. Reason being for this stench, would be from having sexual intercourse with the smelly fish girl. Infecting him with the "Veens" .. an abbreviation for venereal disease.

The Veens are the most dangerous of all sicknesses. Once diagnosed, you'll never get your health back.

Its sad, its tragic, but its life.
have you ever heard of veens? ya dude, he fucking reeks
by KillaBob72 April 07, 2011
short for "venus", a distortion of the word "penis". Very useful in an open plan office situation where shouting "you PENIS!" at someone may be deemed offensive
Don't put that paperweight there, you veen!
by Wu Dark March 29, 2004
Veen: (v.) To slack off and sleep all day like Veena Rao.
Stop veening around!
by Arpizzle December 20, 2004
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