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A synonym for "wow."

Used to express strong feeling (as pleasure or surprise)
Dave Segal set fire to a recruiting station?!?! Rao...
by Ross Brennan February 08, 2005
RAO are the royal surname use in Pakistan or India Rao are very brave people they famous for there customs and tradition
rao hunde surme
by pak sniper living in mountains October 01, 2011
A surname given by fathers to children they are not proud of. The people with this surname often turn gay when they get older.
You son of a Rao.
This is an offensive term used in Heston and in jungles.
by Raotiger March 31, 2009
Synonym for a fingerbanging frog; also used as a verb for "to be homosexual"
David, I am Rao.
by DawuD March 11, 2003
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