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A complete dream girl with a smile that can light up a room and is totally "awesome"!

"Veena" like girls are known for Hindu Camp, being in Love with Krishna, and tolerating law-students!
I want to meet a VEENA someday
by LawJigga April 26, 2005
126 23
Adjective (adj.) This term is used quite frequently in the Midwest, and has its roots from Ohio.

While the history of this word is quite a mystery, its defintion has always stayed consistant. This term refers to a person that doesn't realize what a princess she really is, when its soo appearant to everyone else that meets her.
(Adj.) Today, I met the most wonderful girl today, she is such a Veena!

(N.) The most beautiful girls in the world are total Veenas.
by LawJigga April 26, 2005
74 17
A really good friend who you can talk to about anything.
Veena is one of those rare, understanding people out there
by ^_~ November 22, 2004
69 15
it is a complicated string instrument from India looks somewhat like a Sitar
it has a very sweet sound
Sitar, tanpura
by Adrian Rodrigues December 11, 2003
62 24
1.) The best, wonderful.
2.) Also pronounce winner, if you're American.

-I can't believe he von that race!
-Well, he is a veena!
by AlPal March 14, 2007
39 14
The one with the child-bearing hips.
A Veena is typically found in 3A AP Calculus BC sitting behind that cool cat Ameet.
by Your face. January 09, 2006
18 27
A slut who is also known as my bitch.
U're my bitch Veena. (LMAO ;))
by SweetNAMese February 10, 2005
42 92