Any newbie IRC name. You're never bound to meet a mature Vash on IRC.
Vash has joined #1337
<Vash> SUP ALLZ?!?!?!11
<Riddler> ...
<Vash> CaRTON NETWRK roKS MaN!!>!!
by Canned Duck December 30, 2003
Top Definition
The main character of Trigun, an anime series. Vash the Stampede is a man shrouded in mystery, but is instantly recognized for being someone with a $$60,000,000 (sixty-billion double-dollar) bounty on his head. This is quite contrary because....well, watch the show to see what I mean.
"Trust me on this! When I first saw the first episode of Trigun, I thought it was fucked up and absolutely bipolar! But you have to give the show a chance, and you will learn more and more about not only Vash the Stampede, but the show in general. And if you're an intelligent person, you can look into the show's powerful philosophy."
by Dave June 23, 2004
The God. The King. The Prince. The highest class in the hierarchy. One who is looked upon so highly. One who is brilliant. One who is equivalent to Lord Rama. Also one who has the hottest girl alive.

"Damn I wish I was Vash"

"Dammmmnnnn that's so Vash"

"One day I wish to be a Vash"
by imdashiznit March 07, 2009
Vash (well we really don't know his last name)
Fictional (dammit) main character of Trigun, an anime.
Vash the Stampede, The Humanoid Typhoon, $$60,000,000,000 Man
by miso December 05, 2003
beautiful women who is looked upon soo highly. ssooo sexy with a gorgoues figure. no1s beauty compares to hers
deenng shheee vash igota have her
by vashbeauty July 11, 2010
Vash is used in the same way that "angry" and "mad" is used, usually followed by an angry expression.
Baloo was a bit vash today
by AliV May 13, 2005
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