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6 definitions by Homicide

The ability to reach down someone's pants and be satisfied with whatever you find.
Jane is bisexual
John is heteroexual
Jane had a bisexual affair with John and Jill
by Homicide April 06, 2004
nancy boy, fool, f00b
/me slaps Ishionu around a bit with his massive ego.
by Homicide February 28, 2004
Not a totally bad guy.
There are worse people then Ishionu out there.
by Homicide April 06, 2004
God among men
* God was kicked by Hell_Raiser (Didn't you know god is dead? ;P)
by Homicide April 06, 2004
God of #dbztdir
<Vash> rarr
<KYA> do u just pop up at random times and start pimpin?
<Vash> i surely do
by Homicide April 06, 2004
King of whatever on IRC
*Homicide jams to Britney Spears - Toxic
by Homicide April 11, 2004