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2.Your mother
3.The state of being 'yo mama'
4.One who incites flame wars
You are so videogamerx2
by DrFunk October 23, 2003
Something that is a meat in a sock.
I want to eat the meatsock.
by DrFunk March 24, 2003
Thirteen, to be thirteen
You are thirteen, RM3K.
by DrFunk March 24, 2003
An idiot Mexican who sucks at Flash and has shitty followers.
Hahaha, that Flash animation sucks so much it looks like Waluigi-Soap made it!
by DrFunk July 20, 2004
A stupid dumbass who makes friends by sending webmasters hundreds of dollars through pay pal.
Wow, that was pretty Vash of you to give me money to unban you.
by DrFunk June 18, 2004
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