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The most funny, caring and lovable boyfriend in the world.
Baloo I love you, you're the best.
by gahnuh August 24, 2010
The Hindi word for bear. Also a nickname for bear-like people. Also written "bhaloo"
You are as big, hairy, and sweet. I shall call you Baloo.
by Psoriasis August 30, 2012
From the old school cartoon series talespin where the bear named baloo always had a scheme for money. It is used to describe a girl who chases money and men with money constantly.
that bitch stole my wallet, what a baloo
by J June 09, 2004
The name of a dog that likes to dangle his red dick, when he has the chance, he will rape anyone in sight.
"Dude that dog is such a Baloo, look at its sausage."
"I know right, I hope i'll never be alone with a Baloo
by Enemy_Pube November 04, 2013
a word that describes a hard hit
1. a girl was walking and baloo she got hit by a bus

2. a train was coming and baloo i was dead

3. i farted and baloo i pooped
by erickgonzalezz June 23, 2009
Residents of Germany who unjustifiably antagonize those with faster vehicles, usually out of jealousy either of said vehicle, or more likely, of the penis.
Baloo drives an four-cylinder Benz
by Monte December 16, 2003
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