(Vaginal Farts) - After sex (especially doggy style) a woman's vagina and uterus move back to their normal positions, producing a fart-like sound from the vagina.
I pulled out to a whopping chorus of varts, prompting my girlfriend to exclaim, "My it's awfully blustery for a summer night in here!"
by Felix Appleby September 06, 2006
When a girl is sitting down and farts, and the fart ripples from the knot area up through the roastbeef curtains before fully entering the atmosphere. This my dear, is a Vart.
I would say that Diane sits in her office chair and Varts about 8 times a week and giggles to herself.
by Smellman April 02, 2009
noun: a noisy excretion of air from the vagina, usually following doggy-style sex.
Her vart didn't stink, but it sure was loud. Have you had your vart today?
by Veronica Art January 08, 2003
Flatulence eminating from the vagina.
Wow, that was a loud vart!
by polsonq December 04, 2008
A vaginal fart. AKA Queef.
-Omg I just varted.
by Green_hen October 16, 2009
queef or a vaginal blast of air
*QUEEFF*"Damn becca lay of the varts

by cheeseypuff September 22, 2008
When a fart from your anus passes through the labia
"Girl, why yo pussy smell so bad?" "Oops, it's cuz I varted."
by Calibaby39 January 29, 2014

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