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An amazing type of weed. It takes a few minutes before you feel it...but once it happens it's like you were hit by a train...of highness.
Person 1 - I feel like I'm going to pass out.
Person 2 - That's because you smoked some creeper weed!!
by Green_hen October 15, 2009
A pussy fart. This happens when a penis (or something else?) creates a vacuum inside of a woman's vagina.
-My girlfriend queefed after we were done fucking.
by Green_hen October 16, 2009
Age, sex, location. Often used online in chat rooms.
Person 1 - ASL?
Person 2 - 18/F/Cali
Person 1 - Very nice
by Green_Hen October 16, 2009
After performing oral sex on a dead person, a person earns his/her (figurative) gray wings.
Person 1 - Dude! I got my gray wings!!
Person 2 - That's nasty as hell.
by Green_hen October 16, 2009
1 - (Adj/noun) extremely potent Marijuana.
2 - (Adj) cool, awesome, amazing
-Hey man check out this dank I just got.
-Holy shit! This IS dank!

-Omg! That movie was so DANK!
by Green_hen October 16, 2009
1) A short and fat penis.
2) A funny name to call people.
3) The area between a person's balls and asshole.
-Look at that chode!
-HAHA it's so short and fat!
-Hey what's up?
-Nothing much...you chode.
-Haha I convinced your mom to lick my chode.
by Green_hen October 16, 2009
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