when a women farts out of her pussy.
After having aggressive sex with a small penis, a woman sometimes varts due to the air allowed in her vagina during the sex act.
by Air Bubble July 03, 2012
Vagina fart, but can also be a vegan fart.

According to Frank Warren (author of the postsecret blog), this person varts: Since I became a vegan, my farts smell really bad.
Dude, your varts are awful! Are you sure you still want to be vegan?
by Salvador Mestizo May 01, 2011
A violent shart.
After consuming 12 spicy carnita tacos, Jimmy had the craziest vart in his short life.
by yhml9m December 20, 2014
a vaginal eruption of smelly gasses.
"*Queeef!* damn girl learn to keep those varts in!"
by Austeezy my neezy September 22, 2008
a release of air from the vagina, often done inadvertantly after copulation
I though she would let out a vart, but nothing happened.
by The Return of Light Joker October 07, 2010
A queef or quiff, as it is sometimes spelled. It is an expulsion of air made when some dude is punding his meat into some bitch's sloppy puss-hole. Stems from Vagina fART. The experience itself is not terrible, but the word 'vart' is.
When I was fucking your mom, she jumped off my cock and varted in your girlfriend's mouth before your girlfriend started munching her box.
by Uncle Funkalunkel September 29, 2003
something your mom do after doing it doggey style with snoop-dog aka doggey queefer
air geting stuck in the pussy after having her chery poped (pussy)
by joseph o. December 03, 2003

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