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To ejaculate on a girl in an attempt to paint a picture on her stomach

One usually stares at the painted picture to admire its beauty

verb: "I hope I can van gogh her tonight"
I just van goghed her last night man, it was awesome
by Bitches1 April 16, 2009
Van Gogh; noun. Referring to the grand master himself, the phrase Van Gogh is used to describe a female of outstanding natural beauty, otherwise referred to as a 'Fitty'. No further clarification is needed.

See also Monet and Picasso

'Check out than Van Gogh over there'
'I pulled a Van Gogh last night'

e.g. Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Love-Hewit, Melissa Theuriau
by Fresher November 25, 2005
v.; to cut off one's own ear.
That music was so bad I Van Goghed myself to relieve the pain.
by The ineffible deity, God July 06, 2005
The term used to define someone that is trying to join your group at a club/party. Playing off the famous painter, signifying that the guy is crazy for trying to join a clique that only knows how to do it big!
Bar Scene: Hanging out with your group of friends, drinking and having a good time. A random/sketchy guy comes up and tries to socially awkwardly join the conversation.

Being Drunk you staight up just say, what's up Van Gogh!
by vamos a la playa December 31, 2012
An Increasingly rare Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle who often hides from the world in the sewer and never comes out in daytime. His weapon is razor blades which he sadly ends up using on himself. Drinks heavily and watches lots of porn.
Steve- "Johnny Van Gogh from T.M.N.T. make sme wanna kill myself!"
Johnny- "yeah Steve... he's really depressing!"
by batsoup August 24, 2009
A woman who appears to be extremely attractive when observed from a distance. Upon closer examination it is clear to the observer that she is skanky, wrinkly, and/or fat.
Person A: "Gee whiz, that lady over there sure is pretty"
Person B: "Oh no my friend, I checked her out up close. She's a Van Gogh"
Person A: "Fuckin' shit!"
by oaul March 19, 2007
During the course of a girl performing filacio and nearing the state of climax, the male distracts the girl, causing her to remove her mouth from the male's penis and turn her head. At this moment, the male then finishes by ejaculating in the ear that is closest to his penis.
Yo man how was last night with that jont?

Dude, it was awesome! She gave me head!

Oh for real, good shit. How did it go down?

Well as she was going down, before I nut I was like, "Yo look over there!" Then she turned her head and I Van Gogh'd the shit out of her!

LMAO! Nice job man. I'm proud of you dog. Keep it hood nigga.
by realtalkjuggie February 24, 2012
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