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Like Monet's paintings...Looks good from afar - but far from good close up
"See that girl over there - she's a right Monet"
by Nick B March 07, 2003
Really nice girl with a funny personality, always crazy and super chill. She has amazing eyes and perfect eyebrows, and is sweet. She loves everyone and everyone loves her. She'll help you with your problems and is a great friend. As pretty as a painting. She'll be a great girlfriend, is loyal, and extremely creative.
That girl is such a monet
by Jaquielala December 23, 2011
(Mo-Nay, not Mo-NET.) A cool, easily annoyed person. Fun to be around, but not when they're pissed off at you. Monets need their space.
Yeah I guess Monets cool.
Yeah but not when she's pissed off.
by fuzzyelmo April 10, 2009
Monet is beautiful up close and far away. She was given this name and you should respect it. She doesn't take no BULL , she loves to go shopping, money , hang out with friends, family, and of course loves attention from the boys. She sets high standards for herself but close enough for her finger tips to touch. She is so funny, caring, beautiful, smart, a perfect body, and the most beautiful smile. She is the one to call on when your sick or having a bad day. She is the best sister, aunt to be, friend , and cousin ever.
Monet can you come over please I'm not feeling well today.
by I am a monet June 08, 2013
A person who looks great from afar, but is a mess up close. Used in the movie "Clueless" with Alicia Silverstone.
"Britney Spears is a monet...she looks great from afar, but up close she's a mess!!!!"
by julingus00 January 23, 2005
Someone charming, adorable, and beautiful like the painting. Creative and daring, a Monet can adapt to any social group, and is usually the cool one in the room. They attract anybody who happens to be around them, and always down to have a good time.
Did you see that girl at that party? She was definitely a Monet!
by lovebird254 July 29, 2010
Monet; noun. Originating with the esteemed artist of the same name, the term Monet is used to describe a female who appears to be extremely attractive from a distance, but who then disappoints on closer inspection, thus having given the impression of being attractive. Those familiar with Monet's work will recognise that this also looks great from a distance, but is lacking in the finer detail.

See also Picasso and Van Gogh
'Wow, I thought that girl was hot, but she's actually a bit of a Monet'

e.g. Sarah Jessica Parker; great at a glance, clearly not right on closer inspection
by Fresher November 25, 2005
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