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Monet; noun. Originating with the esteemed artist of the same name, the term Monet is used to describe a female who appears to be extremely attractive from a distance, but who then disappoints on closer inspection, thus having given the impression of being attractive. Those familiar with Monet's work will recognise that this also looks great from a distance, but is lacking in the finer detail.

See also Picasso and Van Gogh
'Wow, I thought that girl was hot, but she's actually a bit of a Monet'

e.g. Sarah Jessica Parker; great at a glance, clearly not right on closer inspection
by Fresher November 25, 2005
Van Gogh; noun. Referring to the grand master himself, the phrase Van Gogh is used to describe a female of outstanding natural beauty, otherwise referred to as a 'Fitty'. No further clarification is needed.

See also Monet and Picasso

'Check out than Van Gogh over there'
'I pulled a Van Gogh last night'

e.g. Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Love-Hewit, Melissa Theuriau
by Fresher November 25, 2005
Picasso; noun. A girl who is a mess. Think of Picasso's work, and you're there. She has all the parts but they may be mis-shapen, unsightly, or even in the wrong place. This is not just limited to girls with faces like bulldogs chewing wasps, but it will give you a good idea of the starting point.

See also Monet and Van Gogh
'That bird mings, what a Picasso'

or to an unsuspecting victim, 'Scuse me Picasso, can I get past'

e.g. Jade Goody, Janet Street Porter, Sonia from Eastenders
by Fresher November 25, 2005

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