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A very rare Vagina, commonly found in the south western United states, but also discovered in other cuntries as well. This vagina has 2 sets of razor sharp teeth lining the labia. One way to find out that your lady has a Bearded Alligator is that she has Pubes often grow all the way past her knees, and can never actually shave or cut any of it, for it will bleed and then grow back. If you find out too late you can kiss you dick bye bye.
Steve-"Hey Johnny, what happened to your dick?"
Johnny-"That bitch had a BEARDED ALLIGATOR and I didn't find out until it was too late!"
by batsoup August 03, 2009
The act of fucking your girl, doggy style, then when your about to orgasm you grab the tazer you hid under the pillow hours earlier and taze your woman. As she convulses you will have the best orgasm ever, and she might too... but who knows? (Make sure to wear a rubber otherwise the joke will be on you also.) Make sure not to be balls deep!
Steve was electrofuking his woman when the button on his tazer got stuck and they both fried!
by batsoup August 06, 2009
The rarely heard of 5th ninja turtle, that the turtles try to hide to avoid embarrassment. This turtle is mentally handicapped and severely disfigured.
Steve- "Johnny what the fuck was that?"
Johnny- "That was just Picasso, the 5th ninja turtle, dont be frightened hes harmless."
by batsoup August 17, 2009
Prolifically queer.
New guy is acting very homoliphic.
by batsoup August 14, 2009
An Increasingly rare Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle who often hides from the world in the sewer and never comes out in daytime. His weapon is razor blades which he sadly ends up using on himself. Drinks heavily and watches lots of porn.
Steve- "Johnny Van Gogh from T.M.N.T. make sme wanna kill myself!"
Johnny- "yeah Steve... he's really depressing!"
by batsoup August 24, 2009
The splashback that actually hits your ass when you have explosive diarrhea. Commonly carries fecal matter with the liquid making you have to wipe your ass cheeks as well as the hole.
Johnny- "Damn Steve, I got hit with Scrapnel, and I am all outta toilet paper!"
Steve- "Well Steve, you shouldn't of ate those Tacos!"
by batsoup August 30, 2009
The act of being obvious, or being sarcastic but at an unclear level.

Also a word used by Sean, when he is drunk, to explain something being obvious.
Johnny- "Steve that chick wants me inside of her!"
Steve- "Hahaha, she made it pretty Obviant that she was a nt into dudes."
Johnny- "Awesome!"
by batsoup September 06, 2009

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