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The single most beautiful woman ever to grace the planet earth.
Kate Beckinsale is hotter than you.
by i'm rick james bitch March 24, 2004
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the most beautiful woman one this earth
just look at her or wach one of her movies
by Alan November 10, 2004
Cute as a button in skin tight vampire clothes
Jim:"who were you thinking about last night at 11:30?"
Joe:"Kate beckinsale...always"
by Toly 1337 April 24, 2006
See sex object (media headlines seem to always have her featured with something to do with sex)

Ended her relationship to Michael Sheen to start a relationship with Len Wisemen. He just so happens to be the director of the Underworld where Sheen and Beckinsale starred as mortal enemies.

Has strong stances against plastic surgery and promiscuity but probably very easy to manipulate.
Kate Beckinsale:
If someone had told me years ago that sharing a sense of humour was so vital to partnerships, I could have avoided a lot of sex!-IMDB Trivia Section

The secret to keeping a marriage alive is lots of sex.

Says that Bruce Willis is starving her of sex with Wisemen being away so much for Live Free or Die Hard.
by Zaufu July 06, 2007
A hot English (I think) actress who for some reason chooses to be in shitty movies who married a fine ass director. All I know is that she was in Van Helsing , underworld 1 & 2(oddly enough she was not in 3, however). The only so so movie I saw of hers was when she had a supporting role in the aviator and I heard she was in the last days of disco, which I haven't seen yet. She also got punk'd and seems cool I guess.
Kate Beckinsale is the the polar opposite of Kate Winslet, who chooses her roles based on substance, not on $.
Theres a reason one has Oscars, and the other doesnt... JS
by Sheknowsthistoo September 12, 2009
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