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Going south on a lady when she is menstruating. As per that bro in Twilight.
I love vampiring you, Girl. /bares teeth
by some chill bro up top December 28, 2010
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Giving a girl oral sex while she is on her period.
Dude last night I was vampiring my girl.

What day was she on?

The was a fucking waterfall!
by bigbitch February 25, 2009
When you go down with a girl on her period.
I enjoy the taste of pennys, so I met Bloody Mary and went vampiring.

My Doctor says I have an iron deficiency, so I went vampiring.
by The Count(ah-ha-ha) November 25, 2012
Essentialy a blow job except with the girl using her teeth
"damn i feel like a blowjob"
"How about shake it up with some vampiring"
"Ouch, ewwwww. What is wrong with you?"
by IPWNNOOBS69 September 15, 2009

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