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Black shoes originated from Paramount's Canada's wonderland. People wearing black shoes are known to either be SLUTS or HORES (female only). Not all shoes are considered as black shoes, shoes which aregangster looking and ARE BLACK will definately be considered as black shoes.
ex. Look at that slut wearing her black shoes.

ex. She must be a hore, shes wearing black shoes!

ex. She must be a gold digger, shes wearing black shoes.
by hillary duff June 08, 2006
It is a code word for marijuana. Not very popular at the time, but many believe it is the new word. The word of power, the word people will use in the years to come.
"Hey, man just remember to bring the Black Shoe"
by Down withTHE GOvernment December 12, 2006
When you get made and stick your foot up a person's anus thus in sueing a blackshoe.
"This asshole was giving me shit so I gave him a blackshoe."
by Greg lilkok May 24, 2008
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