A way of saying the word vagina, while telling everyone else in the room you're still a virgin.
John announced: "I slayed some mad vajayjay last weekend!"
Jack: "This kids a phony and probably still a virgin."
by michael 32123 November 23, 2014
A Nickname for a vagina.
Woaahhh! Look at her Vajayjay!!
by lolhaha!! September 15, 2011
verb-the deliberate act of interrupting someone with a question that your dumbass should already know the answer to
verb-the act of asking unintelligent questions in class, especially when the question was previously answered or is about to be answered
She likes to vajayjay all the time because she thinks asking stupid questions counts as class participation.

Class yesterday was painful. The two in the front were Vajayjaying the whole time.
by Jenaro March 28, 2009
Get your fucking fat Vajayjay out love.
by fiheabsdwkj January 15, 2009
A strain of Marijuana that has distinct characteristics of a: red-haired pubic patch with a dirty skunky ting, and a harsh sourer taste. Also commonly known as Hairyman
That Vajayjay gives me the munchies.
by Dr. Wright December 04, 2007
Many believe the term Vajayjay describes only a womans lower bowel regions, however Vajayjay can also be used as a pet name or term of endearment;
"Oh John, your my little Vajayjay!"
by Maknoewab July 25, 2009
when you dont like the word "vagina."
"vagina is such a nasty word , i prefer the word va-jay-jay!"
by forrissa January 26, 2016

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