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What Oprah calls her vagina
"You should wear this type of underwear because it is good for your vajayjay!"
by t.ni.b December 02, 2007
vagina, pussy, pink, vaginal canal,
I ate out her va-jay-jay.
by steve March 24, 2005
slang refrence to a vagina.
That slut's Va Jay Jay was tight as a virgin's.
by edavid May 10, 2007
A non-offensive term for vagina. It is believed to have been originated, or at least first recorded by acclaimed hip-hop artist MC Paul Barman and later introduced to the lexicon of the wider public by Oprah Winfrey.
hooray for va-jay-jay
by Tiger Max August 07, 2008
A woman whose vaginal opening forms an outer layer similar to that of the letter 'V' unlike the more common 'B', which normally indicates a higher connection rate with the male Peni.
"I shagged some girl the other night and when i ripped off her skirt her vajayjay was throbbing so much it looked like a tuning fork"
by "Amy blows" January 28, 2009
The female vagina, coochie, hot-box, or hoohah. The word springs from the character of Dr. Bailey on the hit show, 'Grey's Anatomy.' Other notable users of the word 'Vajayjay' are strong black woman and mother to all, Oprah Winfrey; Ian Rose, popular Nebraskan Vagina Connoisseur; and Brittani Diva, Vajayjay Queen 2007.
"O'Malley, stop lookin' at my Vajayjay!"

"Today on 'Oprah' we're talking about yeast infections in your Vajayjay!!"
by MrSunshine309 January 30, 2007
a phat wet warm teenage vagina
that chic probly has a nice va-jay-jay
by s0o0o wat January 10, 2009