definition 1. n. slang: an abbreviated form of the word vagina. considered more appropriate when used in discussion by workplace professionals and elementary school teachers.

definition 2. proper noun: A girly Indian male. esp for those named Vajinder.
janitor: Hey Ms M, what's happening? how's that problem with the va----

Miss M: NO! Please! there are children around. (softly) My vajayjay has stopped excreting yellow-green malodorous discharge. I was treated for trichomoniasis.
by New Jack Hustla September 07, 2008
1.another name for vagina

2. that hot wet thing taht you put an erect penis in and it feels so damn fucking good. :]
i stuck my hugee cock in her vajayjay when i was horny and it felt amaszing :]
by in your November 16, 2007
The vagina, pussy, coochie, crotch, cunt, cooze, snatch, poon. In Spanish: chocha, crica, tota, toto, pajara.
Girl, your vajayjay stinks like hell!

by AWDC October 06, 2007
The passage between a woman's outer sexual organs and her uterus. Vagina.
Britney likes showing her vajayjay to the public.
by Patsy28 September 21, 2007
an immature way to say vagina
other words are vajajaja
mr. zoo is too close to your vajayjayjayjay
by KAYTIE IS SKETCHY January 29, 2007
Vagina or any area around the coochie or north of the grundle. Vajayjay is rooted from Dr.Bailey in the hit TV show "Grey's Anatomy" but was then reused by Alex Satawa in Ms.Feher's second period class,which lead to spreading throughout Nyack Middle School.
"If a man was pleasuring a woman's vajayjay with his mouth, could he get AIDS from it?"


"What is a vajayjay yeast infection caused by?"
by Alex Satawa December 23, 2006
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