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This means Victory
And Vijay comes in 1st place he is victorious out of the other 1 billion patels
by Anonymous February 29, 2004
It means Victory.
Vijay is my name. Its an Indian name and somewhat common. Its a bit famous as the bollywood superstar Amithab Bachan used to be called by this name in nearly 60-70% of his 600 films to date!
by Vijay May 20, 2004
It originated from the ancient language of sanskrit the oldest language in the world. Vijay means Victory in sanskrit. But now days Vijay is refered as a name.
hello Vijay how are you today?
by vijaysunder October 04, 2006
Adj. Almost saint like in demeanor. Goodness epitomized. Honest, Noble, Righteous; comparable to Lord Ram especially by his loved ones.
That man is a Vijay of a man!
by ishaniiiiii February 04, 2010
A stinky, smelly Indian guy that lives in New Delhi, and eats lots of curry.
Vijay like some curry. ARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! CURRY IS GOOD!!!
by Timcat December 25, 2014
A Vijay is someone who frequently consumes bunny chows (A South African Indian meal - curry poured into dug out loaf off bread). Vijay's are often the only person in a group of friends who knows what balla (South African Indian slang for penis) tastes like.
When seeing someone stuffing their face with a bunny chow, you could remark:

Hey stop being such a Vijay!!!, oh and Vijay what does balla taste like?
by The-ROLL-assassin January 17, 2014
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