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Cutesy name for vagina, in use for years but not as popular as pussy, cooter, pink taco, bearded clam, et al. Although it has been gathering popularity due to Oprah yelling "Ouch! My Va-jay-jay!!!!!" in one episode where she was being flung around with some bungee cables that apparently were pinching her stale va-jay-jay.
Tony: Dude, wait, did Oprah just yelled "ouch, my va-jay-jay"?

Jim: I do believe so. was Gayle anywhere to be found?
by Erik3k June 15, 2007
1. The most annoying word known to woman
2. The stupidest term for a female's vagina...ever.
Mike: You stick the penor, into the vajayjay.
Bob: You're a fucking idiot
by Arsenopyrite November 08, 2008
(slang) n. (Vuh-j-j) 1. Vagina. 2. I dont' really know a second definition but this longer extended second one makes me look smarter.
Everybody laughed at him because he has a va-jay-jay
by Brennan Riddle April 25, 2006
Slang for a woman's vagina.
Originated by Oprah Winfrey.
Dr. Oz: This is the woman's birth canal.
Oprah: Her vajayjay?
by sand4321 December 04, 2007
Slang for a womans genitals, commonly used by Oprah Winfrey.
The "ghetto" pronunciation of the word Vagina.
"My va-jay-jay is painin'!" - Oprah
by Skylarrrr December 13, 2007
A cuter way to say vagina
"That girl has shown her va-jay-jay too many times for them to be considered accidents.
by nenis December 20, 2007
Another, more G-rated version, of the female part. Suitable for adults at the dinner table, and also kids learning how to censor the more crude word choices avaliable when needing to communicate that word.
1: Sister 1: "Hey, my Va-jay-jay itches..."
Sister 2: "You should get that checked out"
2: Toddler: "Mom!...I'm done with my bath now"
Mom: "O.k. honey, did you wash your Va-jay-jay?"
by thewordman August 04, 2008